Apr 08, 2016
What’s been missing with Emojis?

With all this social networks and messaging apps that’s out in the market emojis have been part of our modern lives. We’re all guilty of somehow bombarding our conversations with one emoji per line or most likely a series of it. Emojis are evolving and its indeed getting better and becoming more expressive as the market starts to get tired of the usuals.


A simple colon parenthesis  are a thing of the past. As we become more visual and graphical the more we see them as less expressive and its missing a lot of other complicated emotions. Happy, sad, angry, afraid, well those are workable with symbols but how about confused, grinning, etc.. Every year we, people, get complicated. Thus, as technology rocketed and app messaging became a thing emojis were born. They’re more expressive, flexible, and covers way lot more of emotions. There are some standard look for each expression but every platform had introduced their own versions and customisations.

Emojis changes overtime. Look and design gets updated. New ones are added. Somehow its getting repetitive. Maybe there’s something missing we haven’t really had. For one, expressions are not just about the visuals. In real life, an expression is usually a combination of both visual and audio. A person that’s so happy often create a sound of laughter. It gives out a richer expression.


Why did I suddenly thought all of this? The answer is this:

I know! You love it! Well its really fun to not only see but hear emojis. I believe that people in the tech world are now thinking of new ways of improving emojis after all it appeals to the market, their users. Remember when iOS rolled out their new set of emojis? Apple users just went crazy and used it everywhere.