Jan 27, 2016
UNITE 2016 – Unifying IT Enthusiasts

On January 15, 2016 high school and college students from different parts of Quezon gathered in the annual Quezon Provincial I.T Seminar which is called UNITE 2016 hosted by my alma mater the Computer Science department of Sacred Heart College of Lucena. It was my honor to be part of this event once more but this time with a different role.


Almost nearly 3 years ago when I was still in my 4th year in college I was the one so busy doing all preparations which was then called UNITE 2013.  I was one of those students who wore an organizer shirt and can be seen going back and forth inside the venue. It was crazy and exhausting but fun. Who would have thought that the next time I came back I would be speaking in front of over 1000 students (*cringe).


I decided to talk about Mobile Development. The process from having an app idea to building and executing it. My main goal is really simple it is to inspire, help them identify what they want, what’s out there and how to start. Much of what I have spoken revolved around my experiences when I kicked off my professional career by joining a start-up.  Of course, I touched some technical points during the session but I didn’t went too in depth on it. Making it sound too technical could have potentially loose the audience’s attention and that’s the worst scenario I wanted to avoid. Though most of them are I.T college students I believe there’s a limit to the technicalities one could absorb in such setting.

Before I close this entry, I would like to mention how grateful and blessed I am to have the privilege I had. The honor is not mine but His. To my God who entrusted me with this opportunity.

Get to know the full details of the event on the link below
UNITE 2016 Attracts Thousand IT Enthusiasts

For those who attended and read this, I would love to hear from you! 🙂