Jun 28, 2015
SMTUtilities: Objective-C class for basic textfield validation

I use validations in every project I’ve done. I think its pretty much the same with any other projects out there. If you ask users for inputs, of course you wouldn’t want them to mess up your database with random gibberish details. So I created the SMTUtilities class which I now reuse every time I need a validation module on my projects. I’m sharing this to help you save time from coding boring validation syntaxes/regex patterns.

SMTUtilities – is an objective-c utility class for textfield validations.


I refer to this as a utility class rather than a validation class because I’ll be putting on other methods besides validation. like. E.g Checking iPhone model, OS version, cleaning up strings, etc…

This is opens source so if you want to contribute, feel free to create pull request on the repository.

Kindly refer to the official git repository for more detailed description.