Jun 10, 2015
Peggo – Youtube/Soundcloud to Mp3 Alternative


Peggo Website

Have you ever wanted to download a youtube audio on a specific duration? Have control over the quality of the mp3 you’re getting? Get an actual mp3 artwork for that audio? In short quite some advance features.

Peggo does what other online mp3 converter do but in a much better way with options to customize. Options like getting the audio within a certain duration of the video, choosing theĀ audio bitrate, removing noises, normalizing volume level and a few other. It also allows you to download the video on whatever quality you want as long as its provided in the video’s youtube setting.


Peggo.co - Youtube/Soundcloud to Mp3 converter

It supports Soundcloud as well. Quite awesome right? This has been one of my go-to tool ever since. I’ve bookmarked it on my browser which you might want to do too.