Aug 07, 2015
Objective-C vs Swift

Objective-C or Swift? That question has been going around between developers right after Apple introduced Swift last 2014 during its annual WWDC. Every discussion circles to whether objective-c should be buried and that developers should start moving forward with Swift. I’ve read multiple articles about this but none of which seemed to well describe where this transition would lead and when until few days ago.

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A Eulogy for Objective-C written by Aaron Hillegas. Aaron, one of the people who help build and made big contributions to whatever Objective-C is today. I strongly encourage you to read his article not only did he simply discuss objective-c, he went traveling back to its origin, it’s quite a bit of information overload though. You could also check the hackernews thread created from the article. It’s a good discussion where some have made great points. It provided me insights and helped me clear things out to myself regarding the future of Objective-C and Swift.

Personally, It’s with no doubt that Swift is the future. Apple has been pushing it closer to the developers to the extent that they decided to open Swift 2 to the public. It might dethrone Objective C but not shove it to the trash. Both language are there to co-exist at least for the couple of years to come. Swift is still unstable and a lot of developments are still needed before we can say that it’s ready to be shipped out with real projects. As for me, I’ll learn swift but continue working on objective-c.