Jun 18, 2015
It started out awful: How my first webpage looks like

This is definitely a throwback Thursday post.

Earlier, I was browsing on my old files looking for a logo I made few years back when I came across to the first website I created back in 2009. To be honest, I’m sure I had made one before this but I don’t have it anymore so it’s safe to say that this is pretty much the oldest website I had archived. I know that I can’t write this without showing you how it actually looks like. So with pride and glory I present to you…


Just  keep going



Getting there



The first website I made back in 2009


Little Background

The content of the site is all about the products and corporate profile of a labels manufacturing company.


Gradient – Okay, this was cool before. White and blue? Really? I think I have a bad eye for gradient that time.

Marquee!FTW – Anything animated looks fascinating. CSS3 is not available.  Javascript is way beyond my skills.

Classic Font – I have no idea of typography at all. The word  is probably not on my vocabulary yet.

Color – It was just totally off.


It is just fun to look back and see how you started on something which grew and improved over the years.  I can’t deny that sometimes doing good at something makes me expect others to at least be on the same level. But I myself started out with something that really looks awful. It reminds me not to judge the works of others especially to those who are just starting out.

I wanted to also share this to the people who think that what they are capable now is worth nothing. Nothing can always turn into something. You need to work on it. It doesn’t happen in an instant but overtime. Every time I encounter students who tells me that what they created looks awful and mine is better I simply reply “It’s fine, I started out just like that.”