Jun 09, 2016
Google Project Soli

Are you ready for something mind blowing? Something that goes with “touchless interactions

This is something that reminds me of an episode in Black Mirror where people are interacting to devices without any real physical contact. Right now the thought of the absence of contact is very foreign and exciting at the same time. 

Introducing Project Soli brought to you by Google.

I’ll let you take a moment to digest what you saw.



Google is at it again. It’s no secret that they are constantly researching and pushing the limits of technology. However they often end up stale or getting picked up by others who somehow mold it to be something marketable and impactful (ehem Apple). This could just be the exact case for Soli. But unlike other Google advance technologies I believe this could really fly. With IoT coming to the scene, Soli could be the booster to fuel the market’s interest to adopt IoT. It’s too early to say but if this starts to roll out who knows what’s up ahead.


You can visit Soli’s official website for more info.