Jul 27, 2015
Google Maps SDK 1.9-10 crashes on XCode 6.4

Say goodbye to the old bugs and hello to the new one!

Around a week or two ago I updated my XCode to version 6.4. Hoping that this include bug fixes to of which I encountered. Indeed this version is more stable than the one before however it’s not as good as I think it is.

I have been working on an app which uses mapping of locations with the help of Google Maps SDK. For the longest while its working fine that I never even put much attention to it again until the day when it just crashed.

It crashes when I debug it directly from Xcode but not when its running on production. Closing in to my deadline you can’t imagine the puzzled look on my face wondering what in the world caused it. I swore to myself I didn’t touch any code in that specific module. I went to backtrack all my commits and found nothing. With nothing that could help me I went to the place I know which might have an answer to this mystery, Google Search. And as always Mr. Google did light up my world.

On Stackoverflow I found a discussion about this sudden crash with Google Maps on Xcode 6.4. After a few days a user named Dave Cole finally gave useful details about what and why the crash is happening and I want to share it to you.

Below is a screenshot of what the user’s theory about the issue.

I hope this brought you answers and solutions as it did to me. At least for now I’m relieved that it’s not any of my code that is causing this or any glitch on the SDK and that my module is working perfectly fine.

I guess this is simply what developers all have to live by.

Finding bugs, fixing bugs, updating then doing it all over again.


For the full stackoverflow discussion, see link below:
Adding google maps as subview crashes iOS app with exc_bad