Dec 16, 2015
Counting days until Christmas and New year break!

Holidays are here! I’ll be on leave a few days ahead and I just can’t wait! Been anticipating! Having a long break off from work to spend time at home with family is the ultimate prize I get every time.

We all look forward to this time of the year. Christmas and New Year probably is the longest holiday. Not in literal sense of the days off but rather the celebration. Every start of “ber” months you start to feel the season which is yet to come. The thing that really amazes me  is how much people shift from one behavior to another.
Those who often have their guards up will less likely to keep it that way, people tend to be more understanding and considerate of things that will usually upset them big time, spending is not much an issue, and to sum it up it’s the overflow of love toward others. How I pray that every season will be Christmas.

My heart now is simply filled with gratitude towards God. A lot happened, God’s plan unraveled. It’s amazing! This Christmas I pray that Jesus will be the focus of the celebration. The birth of our saviour. Imagine ending up in the worst place possible but you were spared because someone took your place. The joy and gratitude is overwhelming. 
To you, whoever  is reading this. Spend time with your family, pray, thank God and let Jesus be the center of your celebration.

Spread His love! Merry Christmas!