Jun 12, 2016
WWDC 2016 – App

WWDC 2016 is happening tomorrow midnight Philippine time.

iOS 10 will be introduced, smarter siri, and as rumour has it, there might be exciting upgrades for Macs. We’ll know pretty soon.

To those who wants access to WWDC previous and 2016 sessions in your mac, you can checkout WWDC App – Unofficial. Its feature’s like transcripts and advance searches which will definitely save you some trouble in finding only specific sessions you’re interested in.

Feb 05, 2016
Doing an IAmA on Wiselike

For those who are certified redditors you probably know what IAmA is about. Those who aren’t might be wondering what in the world is this blog title about. IamA is sub thread on reddit.com where in someone who is an “I am a (doctor,engineer,flight attendant, etc…)” answers questions posted my redditors. In simple words it’s just a Q&A session.

I came across on Wiselike few weeks ago and tried it out. It is basically a Q&A website mostly for professionals and students. read more…

Oct 16, 2015
SMTNavigationBar – Customize your UINavigationBar conveniently

Customizing navigation bars in order to fit the given design has always been redundant and boring to me. Each of your app controllers are given its own navigation bar thus resetting all your customizations like the UIBarButtonItems. There are definitely ways to reduce code redundancy through subclassing UINavigationController and setting this customizations inside that class upon initializing or any other trigger point. I’ve done that in few of my projects and it works. However integrating is still done with quite a number of code.



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Aug 07, 2015
Objective-C vs Swift

Objective-C or Swift? That question has been going around between developers right after Apple introduced Swift last 2014 during its annual WWDC. Every discussion circles to whether objective-c should be buried and that developers should start moving forward with Swift. I’ve read multiple articles about this but none of which seemed to well describe where this transition would lead and when until few days ago.

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Jul 27, 2015
Google Maps SDK 1.9-10 crashes on XCode 6.4

Say goodbye to the old bugs and hello to the new one!

Around a week or two ago I updated my XCode to version 6.4. Hoping that this include bug fixes to of which I encountered. Indeed this version is more stable than the one before however it’s not as good as I think it is.

I have been working on an app which uses mapping of locations with the help of Google Maps SDK. For the longest while its working fine that I never even put much attention to it again until the day when it just crashed. read more…

Jun 29, 2015
SMUtilities is now in cocoapods

Working on iOS development for nearly 2 years now I often used cocoapods as a tool for my projects. It’s very convenient and do really help a lot in managing third party libraries. Out of curiosity and for the sake of experience and learning, I had the desire to create my own cocoapod. So I did. It took me long to do so however its better late than never. read more…

Jun 28, 2015
SMTUtilities: Objective-C class for basic textfield validation

I use validations in every project I’ve done. I think its pretty much the same with any other projects out there. If you ask users for inputs, of course you wouldn’t want them to mess up your database with random gibberish details. So I created the SMTUtilities class which I now reuse every time I need a validation module on my projects. I’m sharing this to help you save time from coding boring validation syntaxes/regex patterns.

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