Jun 09, 2016
Google Project Soli

Are you ready for something mind blowing? Something that goes with “touchless interactions

This is something that reminds me of an episode in Black Mirror where people are interacting to devices without any real physical contact. Right now the thought of the absence of contact is very foreign and exciting at the same time.  read more…

Apr 08, 2016
What’s been missing with Emojis?

With all this social networks and messaging apps that’s out in the market emojis have been part of our modern lives. We’re all guilty of somehow bombarding our conversations with one emoji per line or most likely a series of it. Emojis are evolving and its indeed getting better and becoming more expressive as the market starts to get tired of the usuals.


A simple colon parenthesis  are a thing of the past. As we become more visual and graphical the more we see them as less expressive  read more…

Feb 05, 2016
Doing an IAmA on Wiselike

For those who are certified redditors you probably know what IAmA is about. Those who aren’t might be wondering what in the world is this blog title about. IamA is sub thread on reddit.com where in someone who is an “I am a (doctor,engineer,flight attendant, etc…)” answers questions posted my redditors. In simple words it’s just a Q&A session.

I came across on Wiselike few weeks ago and tried it out. It is basically a Q&A website mostly for professionals and students. read more…

Jun 10, 2015
Peggo – Youtube/Soundcloud to Mp3 Alternative


Peggo Website

Have you ever wanted to download a youtube audio on a specific duration? Have control over the quality of the mp3 you’re getting? Get an actual mp3 artwork for that audio? In short quite some advance features.

Peggo does what other online mp3 converter do but in a much better way with options to customize. read more…