Jun 12, 2016
WWDC 2016 – App

WWDC 2016 is happening tomorrow midnight Philippine time.

iOS 10 will be introduced, smarter siri, and as rumour has it, there might be exciting upgrades for Macs. We’ll know pretty soon.

To those who wants access to WWDC previous and 2016 sessions in your mac, you can checkout WWDC App – Unofficial. Its feature’s like transcripts and advance searches which will definitely save you some trouble in finding only specific sessions you’re interested in.

Jun 09, 2016
Google Project Soli

Are you ready for something mind blowing? Something that goes with “touchless interactions

This is something that reminds me of an episode in Black Mirror where people are interacting to devices without any real physical contact. Right now the thought of the absence of contact is very foreign and exciting at the same time.  read more…

May 29, 2016
How I continuously build my own search engine unintentionally

Way back when I was still in school and internet is pretty strange to me, I often keep on browsing one website to the other just to get the hang of it. In the process I noticed one weird  thing- the  ‘Email Newsletters’ sign up section. I was asking myself who in the world would want to receive emails from websites. To me there seems to be no value in subscribing that’s why it felt weird. At that time I perceived email as a medium in sending homework or a prerequisite to access content in some websites. I rarely use it for anything else. And I thought that was it.


(image courtesy of thevoiceofyouth and dribble)

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Apr 08, 2016
What’s been missing with Emojis?

With all this social networks and messaging apps that’s out in the market emojis have been part of our modern lives. We’re all guilty of somehow bombarding our conversations with one emoji per line or most likely a series of it. Emojis are evolving and its indeed getting better and becoming more expressive as the market starts to get tired of the usuals.


A simple colon parenthesis  are a thing of the past. As we become more visual and graphical the more we see them as less expressive  read more…

Feb 05, 2016
Doing an IAmA on Wiselike

For those who are certified redditors you probably know what IAmA is about. Those who aren’t might be wondering what in the world is this blog title about. IamA is sub thread on reddit.com where in someone who is an “I am a (doctor,engineer,flight attendant, etc…)” answers questions posted my redditors. In simple words it’s just a Q&A session.

I came across on Wiselike few weeks ago and tried it out. It is basically a Q&A website mostly for professionals and students. read more…

Jan 27, 2016
UNITE 2016 – Unifying IT Enthusiasts

On January 15, 2016 high school and college students from different parts of Quezon gathered in the annual Quezon Provincial I.T Seminar which is called UNITE 2016 hosted by my alma mater the Computer Science department of Sacred Heart College of Lucena. It was my honor to be part of this event once more but this time with a different role.


Almost nearly 3 years ago when I was still in my 4th year in college I was the one so busy doing all preparations which was then called UNITE 2013.  I was one of those students who wore an organizer shirt and can be seen going back and forth inside the venue. It was crazy and exhausting but fun. Who would have thought that the next time I came back I would be speaking in front of over 1000 students (*cringe).

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Dec 16, 2015
Counting days until Christmas and New year break!

Holidays are here! I’ll be on leave a few days ahead and I just can’t wait! Been anticipating! Having a long break off from work to spend time at home with family is the ultimate prize I get every time.

We all look forward to this time of the year. Christmas and New Year probably is the longest holiday. Not in literal sense of the days off but rather the celebration. Every start of “ber” months you start to feel the season which is yet to come. The thing that really amazes me  is how much people shift from one behavior to another.
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Oct 16, 2015
SMTNavigationBar – Customize your UINavigationBar conveniently

Customizing navigation bars in order to fit the given design has always been redundant and boring to me. Each of your app controllers are given its own navigation bar thus resetting all your customizations like the UIBarButtonItems. There are definitely ways to reduce code redundancy through subclassing UINavigationController and setting this customizations inside that class upon initializing or any other trigger point. I’ve done that in few of my projects and it works. However integrating is still done with quite a number of code.



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Sep 22, 2015
Officially launching inbytes.xyz


Few weeks ago I made an impulsive purchase. The domain was on sale so I quickly took the bait. Come to think of it, its not just the sale but also the .xyz extension that convinced me. Before purchasing I was actually thinking on what to do with it then I thought of Tim Ferris’s 5 Bullet Friday Newsletter which I’m subscribed in for quite some time now. Every week Tim shares a list of what he is enjoying or pondering about. Aside from adding to the bulk of newsletters I get weekly it was very insightful.

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Aug 28, 2015
Mobile Development and Versioning – Presentation

Download presentation here

Today I did a presentation about mobile development and versioning to a number of students. It feels great to be able to share what I’ve learn and experienced over the years. Just the thought of having an opportunity to help them, better inspire them, is exceptional. It is something I wish I got when I was still in college. That is actually the main reason I accepted the invitation, no second guessing or doubts.