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Jul 12, 2016
App preview upload – From Safari to Terminal

It’s been a long day. Am now packing up my things getting ready to go home. Was it a productive day? Yes I think so  but I felt like I didn’t achieved any small wins for the day. Oh yeah right, I just spent the entire day trying to upload an App Preview Video on itunesConnect which failed every time. My recipe for failure : poor network connection + large file + itunesConnect session expiry = !@#%#$!

I slept on it just to wake up the next day still feeling heavy. “I have to upload it. There should be another way.” Found myself  few hours later searching until I came across with Fastlane to Spaceship. My hopes went up, here comes my saviour! Spaceship to the rescue! However the excitement didn’t last long after I realize this isn’t going to be pretty.